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Harbour Basin Dance is committed to extending the opportunity to learn to as many children as we can in our local communities. For this reason, our fees are set at a highly competitive rate and parents have the advantage of a local dance school, thus minimising travel and its associated costs.


General Class Fees


Lessons can be paid for by the lesson if it is anticipated many lessons will be missed due to illness or travel, but it is much cheaper to pay by the term as fees are discounted. Term Fees are based on an 8-week term; as most terms are 9 to 11 weeks this allows for classes missed due to unforeseen circumstances, as well as students missing lessons due to illness. Families with more than one child or with a single child taking multiple classes will receive a discount on their fees. Term fees for new students starting part way through the term will be reduced accordingly if fewer than 8 lessons remain in the term.


A Late Fee will apply if term fees are not paid in full by the due date stated on your invoice. If more than two weeks overdue, the student will not be permitted to attend classes until payment is made. No discount will be given for classes missed for this reason. However, we do understand that from time to time, difficulties may arise with payment; please do come and discuss other options with Georgina and she will do her best to accommodate.

Payment Information


Payments can be made by cash or cheque but Internet Banking is preferred. Payment should be made to the account listed on your invoice. Please fill in the reference field with the student’s initial and surname so we can identify your payment. Cheques should be made out to Harbour Basin Dance. Please write the student's name on the back of the cheque. Please ensure all cash payments are sealed in a named envelope.



Private Lesson Fees


Private lessons are not included in fees. Arrangements for private lessons and the associated fees should be made directly with your teacher. Private lessons can be half an hour or longer; it is recommended to ask Georgina how much time she suggests for your situation. If regular bookings for private lessons are made, a discount will apply.



Recital Fees


To minimise costs to families and avoid the need for fundraising, the school buys, makes and keeps the costumes and props used in each recital. A recital fee of $30 is charged to each student that participates in the recital which goes towards these costs.


Harbour Basin Dance reserves the right to alter fees in accordance with our business practice. We will however always endeavour to keep our fees affordable as we want to give the opportunity to as many children as possible.

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