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Class Information

New Students

New students are welcome to try a class. You should contact us before trying a class to discuss which class would be best for the potential student. Older students may be asked to take private lessons or start in a slightly lower-level class but move up to their age group once they have grasped the basics.


We have a no-spectator policy in our classes and have been delighted by how it benefits the students. Concentration and behaviour are improved and students learn and improve technique faster if distractions are less common. One of the most beneficial ways we can help students focus is by minimising spectators.


We realise that visiting family may want to watch a class and don't have a problem with this; we simply ask that the spectators do not distract the students during class. 


Children aged 4 to 7 years old are the most easily distracted and we find that these are the classes where we have the most requests to watch. Parents of new students are welcome to view their child’s first lesson or two as it is important that children settle comfortably into their class without anxiety.

Private Lessons

Private lessons give the opportunity for one one-on-one coaching with specific attention to what you require. Private lessons are available to any student who requests extra coaching; if you need help with a tricky step, have missed a class, or want regular personal coaching. If group class times do not suit your schedule, or if your skill level does not fit into any available group classes private lessons are the perfect way to get started.


Lessons can be booked as either a single lesson or as a series of lessons. Lessons can be for an individual or a pair of students in the same class. We welcome the opportunity to discuss group lessons for those who have a special requirement.



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