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Term Dates

Term 1

31st Jan - 6thth April


Term 2

25th April - 1st July


Term 3

18th July - 23rd Sept


Term 4

10th Oct - 10th Dec

Students are expected to be on time, in proper attire, and prepared for class. Consistent attendance is expected.


When a student misses class, it retracts from the sequential learning that happens week after week. Try to have your child attend every week (unless they are sick) because it ensures that the student gets a progression of learning that’s best for them. There are no refunds for missed classes. When students are absent it affects the entire class and group choreography. Students are responsible for catching up the missed material by consulting a classmate or scheduling a private lesson.

Though we try to avoid it, if classes are cancelled they will only be made up if a significant number of classes are missed in one term/year

Exam Dates


26th August


27th August

We give students the opportunity to sit both ballet and jazz internal exams through the dance school and have had great results in the past.


Exams are not compulsory but are a fantastic way to motivate students to work on their dancing in an aim to receive good results. Students are provided with a certificate of achievement and a summary that gives them an idea of how they are progressing in class. The summaries give the students and parents an idea of their strengths and are the equivalent of a report card in school.

Recital Dates

Timing/Tech Rehearsal 8th Dec


Dress Rehearsal Saturday 9th Dec

Performances Sunday 10th Dec

Our annual Recital gives our students a chance to perform for an enthusiastic audience, with fantastic support from the community. Students learn dances to fit a unifying theme, telling a story for the audience. Our students love the chance to perform for their families, friends and community!

Recitals are an extension of the benefits derived by dance training, through a fun experience that creates lifetime memories. The shows allow dancers to fully experience a performing art and the unique feeling of being on stage. Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on skills like rhythm, technique, teamwork, and much more...and they LOVE having something to be proud of! Students learn cooperation and stage direction and terminology. They also learn how to overcome shyness, and to project and express their personalities, while family and friends get to see what their dancers have learned in class throughout the year.

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